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Consult and Design Services

Backed by experience and professionalism, my strategic services meet the needs of all types and sizes of clients - from small startups to large firms - and deliver lasting changes with measurable growth. Please get in touch with me today to learn how CannabiDol Consult and Design can help your future success.

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Crop strategy

Plants rule

First things first, your crop strategy needs to be determined before anything else

Plant consult

Expert Guidance

Everything from seed to drying will be examined, discussed, and optimized.

Crop planning

Cultivation succes

The when, what, and how of clones, veg and flower plants

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Yield budgeting

Predictable and repeatable yields

Knowing your daily, weekly,monthly and annual yields before a seed is dropped or a clone is cut

Facility evaluation

What skeleton's are in your closet?

If you are operating a facility or looking to make an acquisition, let me make a full evaluation to make sure you make the right business decisions

Facility Design

Smart, efficient and labor friendly

Facility design based around your crop strategy, needs and wants.

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Management Meeting
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Greenhouse design

From simple to fully automated

Building a smart production facility while using natural sunlight.

Labor management

Completion of weekly work plans

Are employees executing the jobs, and how?

Work planning

Weekly completion goals

Creating a weekly workplan to ensure timely completion

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Petri Dish

IPM program

Reduce crop losses

Introduction of beneficial insects and scouting

Biosecurity and filtration

Fresh as an OG

Plants are susceptible to molds and bacteria.  Stay a step ahead.

SOP writing

Repeatable success through standard operating procedures

Writing standard operating procedures geared around your crop strategy and facility

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