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Consult and Design Services

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Maine Organic Therapy

First vertically integrated Medical Cannabis facility in Maine

"John's professionalism, knowledge and drive made substantial changes at MOT. We saw an immens change in our grow facility with a 25% reduction in cost and a 40% increase in yield through proper planning and management of our grow."

Joseph A. Lusardi, Executive Director  Maine Organic Therapy.

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High tech Growing Containers

"CannabiDol Consulting has been instrumental in assisting the Agdaptive team with the design and integration of our current and next generation controlled environment cultivation solutions. The knowledge, experience, and know-how that CannabiDol offers is top notch."

Madison Palms CEO, Agdaptive


Van Der Hoeven Greenhouses

Semi Closed state of the art greenhouse grow facilities

John has proven to be a great asset to our company. His large experience in the greenhouse industry, and the cannabis industry in particular, has been very valuable to us. His knowledge on cultivation, automation and facility design in general, has been a real game changer for us.”

Bas Duijvestijn  Sales Manager, Van Der Hoeven Horticultural Projects

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