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About CannabiDol Consult and Design

Creative Solutions with a Can Do attitude

CannabiDol is a Cultivation consulting and design company.  Everything between seed and drying has my focus.  I have worked in the Agricultural space for over 30 years and helped companies of all sizes (5,000 SQFT- 64 Acres) respond to industry transitions in order to stay competitive. My years of experience have taught me that my success is a direct derivative of your business' success hence

your success is my priority.


I can also function as the link between the investor/owner and your grower.  These days many investor/owners rely unsuccessfully on technical and construction experience of the person they hired to grow their crops.

My expertise will help you develop strategies and facilities to drive success for the future by improving efficiency, increasing yield and driving down cost today.  

Give me a call to set up a FREE phone consultation to see how we can work together.

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