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IPM program

Reduce crop losses


These terms get thrown around a lot, but what is it they stand for, and how can they work for your facility.
Biologicals (or bio's for short) are predatory insects that wage war on pests in your crop. They are part of your bio control arsenal that can consist of many different predatory insects depending on your pest diversity.
Bio control is part of the IPM or Integrated Pest Management program.
The IPM program consists of Scouting, cultural removal methods, biological introductions and as a last resort spray applications with state approved products.
The problem often is that people put in predatory insects, spray with oils the next day and then complain they don't see an establishment of the bio's and/or a reduction of the pests. The oils you are using to kill soft shell pests are also killing your bio's. Bio's (depending on the type) can take up to three weeks after first introduction to become effective in control. Patience and faith in the program is needed to see it through.


Let’s arm you with the knowledge of:

  • Proper scouting techniques        

  • Biological controls                      

  • Spray equipment and techniques

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