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Facility Design
Build it smart, build it once

Smart, efficient and labor friendly

Facility design based around your crop strategy, needs and wants.

If you are in need of expansion or are looking to build a new facility from the ground up I can facilitate a smart, ergonomic and functional lay out.  

Many operators are leasing spaces larger then their pocket book allows to build. A common mistake is to build what you can afford without looking at long term planning.
For instance using an easy math equation with single tier HPS and a 60K SF facility you will end up with about 20K SF of flower space. The product routing and accessibility from mom/clone/veg to flower rooms is important in the long term strategy. Place these rooms strategic to the full 20K SF build even if you only build 6K SF of flower right now.
Don't build change rooms/bathrooms for the 15 employees you will hire now, build them for the 60 employees you will end up with.
Deploy a power installation that can support the eventual needs, or make sure its modular in design so you can add on later easily.
Many, many more examples....
Contact me for a smart design
Build it smart, build it once!!

Based on your budget I can recommend different avenues to success.

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